High School

Miraj Islamic School provides a college preparatory program for High School students, emphasizing English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Islamic Studies, in addition to a wide array of electives.

Our curriculum is aligned with New York State Regents requirements. Students who successfully complete the program are well-prepared to take their New York State Regents Exams and earn a Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma.

English Language Arts  
English I (Honors)9th GradeFull Year
English II (Honors)10th GradeFull Year
English III (Honors)11th GradeFull Year
First Year Writing (College Credit)12th GradeFirst Semester
Literature in a Global Context (College Credit)12th GradeSecond Semester
Geometry (Honors)9th GradeFull Year
Algebra 2 & Trigonometry (Honors)10th GradeFull Year
Pre-Calculus (Honors)11th GradeFull Year
AP Calculus 12th GradeFull Year
Biology (Honors)9th GradeFull Year
Chemistry (Honors)10th GradeFull Year
Physics (Honors)11th GradeFull Year
AP Biology12th GradeFull Year
Social Studies  
Global History II (Honors)9th GradeFull Year
US History (Honors)10th GradeFull Year
Economics / Participation in Government11th GradeFull Year
AP World History12th GradeFull Year
Arabic II9th GradeFull Year
Arabic III10th GradeFull Year
Arabic IV11th GradeFull Year
Albanian II9th GradeFull Year
Albanian III10th GradeFull Year
Cultural & Linguistic Studies  
Cultural & Linguistic Studies I9th GradeFull Year
Cultural & Linguistic Studies II10th GradeFull Year
Cultural & Linguistic Studies III11th GradeFull Year
Cultural & Linguistic Studies IV12th GradeFull Year
Humanities I9th GradeFull Year
Humanities II10th GradeFull Year
Humanities III11th GradeFull Year
Humanities IV12th GradeFull Year
Computer Science  
Computer Science I9th GradeFull Year
Computer Science II10th GradeFull Year
Computer Science III11th GradeFull Year
Computer Science IV12th GradeFull Year
Physical Education  
Physical Education I9th GradeFull Year
Physical Education II10th GradeFull Year
Physical Education III11th GradeFull Year
Physical Education IV12th GradeFull Year
Visual Arts9th GradeFirst Semester
Theater9th GradeSecond Semester
Journalism10th GradeFirst Semester
Health & Hygiene10th GradeSecond Semester
Career Connections11th GradeFull Year
Scientific Research11th GradeFull Year
Public Speaking12th GradeFull Year
Principles of Management I (College Credit)12th GradeFirst Semester
Principles of Marketing (College Credit)12th GradeSecond Semester